Act of Kindness Challenge!

 Lets countdown to Christmas by doing acts of kindness for others this season! I’ve come up with some suggested acts that promise to bring a smile to anyone’s face. I have only included items that are FREE so no one has an excuse! Beginning December 14th lets do “good deeds” each day. If you are unable to do that particular suggestion that day, simply choose another one on the list. I’m willing to bet that you will receive much more joy and Christmas spirit by giving with your heart instead of your wallet!


Day 1- Smile at everyone you see today.  A huge toothy smile that makes them wonder what has happened to you!  Smiling is contagious!  The amount of joy you can spread by actively trying to smile today could change many people’s day.

Day 2- Make someone’s shopping trip less stressful.  If you are healthy and able leave the closer parking spaces for someone else.  Another way to bring a smile to their face would be to share you coupons.  If you’re at the mall and have an extra $$ coupon then pass it on to the person behind you in line. I love it when people do this to me!

Day 3-Write a note.  Sit down for 2 minutes and write a hand written note or email to someone who has helped you recently.  It could be a store employee, doctor, teacher, babysitter, etc.  Let them know that you appreciate them and how they brightened your day.  You can also copy to their supervisor so that they may receive recognition.

Day 4-Do not complain about ANYTHING today.  Your mind effects what your mouth says and your mouth effects how your mind feels.  Today we are only spreading positive energy!

Day 5-Use the gift of gab.  Call a relative or friend who lives alone or doesn’t get out much.  Tell them you were just thinking about them and wanted to wish them a Merry Christmas!  You could be the only person they speak to today.

Day 6-Tell an employee that helps you “Thank you.  You are really good at your job!”  This can be anyone who helps you today.  A thank you goes a long way this time of year.

Day 7- Tell an elderly person that they look beautiful, carry their packages to their car or simply say I hope you have a Merry Christmas.  Sometimes our most cherished members of society are overlooked and lonely.

Day 8- Tell your spouse, significant other or best friend how much you care about them.  Let them know that your life is better because of them.  If that person is away you can send an email or leave a voice mail but it’s always better in person.

Day 9-Make someone’s trip to the grocery better! If you have coupons you’re not using leave them laying on top of that item.  When the next guest comes along they will find a little treat.  If you’re not a coupon cutter then simply offer to help someone out to their car.  If you see a Mother with a small child, get her a cart (one with a car attached is preferable!) If none of these opportunities arise simply say Merry Christmas to everyone you make eye contact with!

Day 10- Bite your tongue today.  No matter how busy or frustrated you are today be nice.  If you have nothing nice to say simply smile and reply, “Have a blessed day”.  If someone has been hateful to you that will make them feel like they are about 1 inch tall.  It may help out the next person they come in contact with too!

Christmas Eve- Relax, spend time with your family and think about all of the lives you have affected by spreading random acts of kindness.  This is truly what Christmas spirit should be about!



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